New Abstract Paintings


Diptych. Acrylic on two 15 by 40 inch canvases. $300


The Blood. Oil and acrylic on canvas 16 by 20 inches. $250


Carnival. Acrylic on thin metal sheet. 36 by 24 inches. ready to hang. $300


Gravity 20 by 30 inches. Acrylic on canvas. $300


Fire. 24 by 36 inches Acrylic on canvas. $300


supernova oil, acrylic and glitter on canvas. 24 by 18 inches $200

Colour Dance

Colour Dance Acrylic and painters tape on canvas 36 by 24 inches SOLD


Interference. Acrylic and painter’s tape on canvas photo print. 30 by 20 inches. SOLD


Nightswimming Four 16 by 16 inch canvases. acrylic $400

New Landscapes and Cityscapes


Misty Morning 20 by 16 inches. Oil and acrylic on canvas. $300


Cliffs at Exmoor 20 by 16 inches Oil and acrylic on canvas. $300


Wonderland 24 by 18 inches. Oil and acrylic on canvas. $300


The Colour of Rain 24 by 18 inches Oil and acrylic on canvas, $SOLD $300


A City in Abstract 20 by 16 inches Oil and acrylic on canvas, $300


Colours of the City 20 by 16 inches Oil and acrylic on canvas, $300


Baltimore Sunset 20 by 16 inches Oil and acrylic on canvas, $300


Neighbourhood Sunset 20 by 16 inches Oil and acrylic on canvas, $300


I Dream of Wires 20 by 16 inches Oil and acrylic on canvas, $300

These are hanging at Evergreen Coffee shop for another week or so.   $300 each.

The Cure Trilogy Paintings

   I recently finished the final painting in a trilogy, inspired by The Cure albums “Pornography” (1982) , “Disintegration” (1989) and “Bloodflowers”(2000).

I always play music when I paint and these are 3 of my favorites to play…

Hope to display the three together somewhere soon.



Pornography 2015 48 by 48 inches Oil, acrylic,pastels and chalk on canvas. $800




Disintegration. 40 by 28 inches. Oil and acrylic on card. $400 SOLD



Bloodflowers 40 by 31 inches Oil, acrylic and collage on card. $400 SOLD

Also Cure related…


The Figurehead 36 by 36 inches Oil, acrylic,pastels and chalk on card. $300











Robert Smith Portrait 2015, Sold –









Available on T-Shirt, Prints, mugs etc…

Recent Works

It was a pleasure to hang some of my art at The Maryland House of Delegates in Annapolis with ART HANGING OUT this week.


Also just finished these few new paintings..


The Kiss 24 by 36 inches Oil and acrylic on plexiglass. $395.00 SOLD


Lipstick 12 by 12 inches Oil and acrylic on card. $100


Tanlines. 12 by 12 inches Oil on Canvas. $Sold 150










HH by WW. 38 by 25.6 inches Mixed media. sold


Collages hung at new Baltimore Pizza Studio !

There’s a new pizza place opening on St Paul St. next week, and it will have local art hanging all the time… I will have 6 collages up for a few months and will be replacing things regularly.

Pizza Studio 3301 St Paul St, Baltimore Md 21218

We are also hanging work by Katia Baskina and Marie-Paule Dendooven-Coster

go look at them –  contact me if you want to buy —

Prints, cards, shirts etc available at Redbubble

collage6 Reel around the fountain. 8.5 by 11 inches. $75

collage7 Accidental Dali 8.5 by 11 inches $75

collage10 Danse Macabre 6.5 by 8 inches $75

collage12 Shop Window 8 by 10 inches $75

collage8 Green Leaves soften a monument battered by wartime shelling. 8.5 by 11 inches $75

collage17 London Cat 13.5 by 13.5 $100


…in which I discover that I don’t have to work alone

I painted with other people the last couple of days.

On Monday photographer and model Alena Interrupted and I just put stuff down on a large canvas without thinking too much. Here’s a time-lapse of our fun. I think it’s about a quarter done at the moment.


And then on Tuesday I went to a gathering of artists organized by Will Shanklin, there was a strict no cell phone rule, so we worked hard for about 6 and a half hours. Great music, food and a little conversation. This is going to be a weekly get together. It’s good to socialize.

This is what I did – it’s 30 by 22 inches, oil, acrylic and pastels on canvas: